Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Message from Yves Brou: President of the action commission of the Rotaract Club Abidjan Cocody.

The Rotaract Club Abidjan Cocody sponsored by the Rotary Club Abidjan South Cocody launches fundraising and collect of toys to make a Christmas tree for nearly 300 children in the village of Songon-TE not far from the city ​​of DABOU. For two years now, the Rotaract Club Abidjan Cocody is helping Songonté's children by providing them with gifts and conducting social activities for their primary school which is the subject of repairs from our club. On December, the 17th,  we will be in our third edition and we need money and goods to achieve our goal ... We coupled to this Christmas tree, a deworming campaign. We want to count on the help of good wills and sponsors to support us in our work of high social significance. 
Facebook: Rotaract Abidjan Cocody 05 81 70 14 / 57 41 51 10. Commission Action 

We were all children, one in our lives. We know the importance of a gift at Christmas! The excitement when you see the package, the questions about what it contains, the joy when you discover the thing inside! Let's help according to our habilities. God Bless us all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Acoustic hosted yesterday The Showcase of the Christian Singer Charles Alao. The event was organized by ODP Entertainment, the new structure of event of Olivier De Pekine. He had the support of AOS organization, already reknow in organizing such events. 

Unfortunately, this union of forces was not powerful enough to fight against a recurring african plague : the delay. Expected to begin at18 o'clock, it was19 when that Olivier De Pekine took the microphone. 

He gave the main part of the ceremony, presented the structure and greet some sponsors along the way. He also asked the Pastor Jonathan Alao, the brother of the singer, to bless the ceremony trough a prayer. 

The first part:  

Several artists came to support Charles. Marie Estelle Nouffo, Oremus,  the group "HEALING", and Jean Lemaire.

The second part  
At 7:58 p.m., Charles Alao dressed all in white, came on stage. Among his chorister, Melissa from the group David's harp. D'ont forget that Charles Alao, is none other than former Lead vocal of the group Schekina ,who decided to do a solo career. It was a great challenge. 
Many lead who wanted to fly on their own, killed their musical career. They released an tasteless album, and the group they left behind died too :  a mess which shows that one must not change the winning team. 
I believe that Charles Alao is not affected by this phenomenon. He showed the audience that he still had the resources to begin this new stage of his career. 
It started with sweet songs, with profound words for abworship time which lasted about an hour. The audience sang and prayed with him. You had to be there. 

Part three
While Charles was taking a little beak, they organise a little lottery with the ticket.  Onel'Mala made a came on stage with a shimmering jacket. He sang his old "Louez, Louez" . Excel sang his last compositions. Maria Ade closed this chapter. She told us she had a broken voice, but she would try to do something. What a voice! She has a true gift . May God continue to use her for his work. She also sang a timeless song "Tu es plus grand que ce que l'on dit." 

Part Four 
The return of Charles Alao, this time in a black shirt and trousers. Charles sang popular songs of praise for a few minutes. At this moment, the public lost his inhibitions and danced with fervor for the glory of God. 

GOOD POINTS: ODP Entertainment decided to start its activities with the approval of God, by organizing this show. It is a very great thing. The entrance fee of 5,000 CFA francs, included a drink. The instrumentalists played well. The live was perfect. The artists were sitting in the same room, with the public.  
 The atmosphere was good. 

THE BAD POINTS: The delay and the late hour when the concert ended. The atmosphere was good, but I got up to dance only at the end, afraid to stop those behind me to see the stage. The light was not very appropriate for photos. The use of flash was not very pleasant to the eyes. 

NB:  I received a ticketcourtesy of the team ATIKPA. They want to showcase Africa, starting from Côte d'Ivoire and this requires covering modern and traditional events as much as possible. Thank you to ATIKPA

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I went to Librairie de France this afternoon to attend the launch of the book "C'est idiot d'aimer", in english: It's silly to love by Oumar Ndao. The author was at the rendezvous, elegant in a bubu, which immediately made me think back to his biography ... "Born in Pikine in the region of Dakar ...". The atmosphere was good. Several personalities from the Ivorian twittosphere were present. 

Anzata Ouattara also was there, further consolidating the strong image of solidarity that exists between the authors of Go Media. She wore a necklace with an impressive medallion, were was inscribed in gold letters "The blows of life." I recall that Madame "the blows of life", recently launched the fourth Volume of this book. 

But back to the man of the day. The author of "C'est idiot d'aimer" offered me his dedicated book for free. So I take this opportunity to buy a copy of his first book published by NEI " Corps et âme" in english Body and Soul. He also wrote a few words in it. And I know, without a doubt, that it will worth gold in the future. So I have two more books in collection of private dedicated books. I don't even know which one I will start to read first! 

 Good luck to Oumar Ndao.

The author Oumar NDAO

Anzata Ouattara, Cyriac, Prince, Ceschod, Oumar NDAO and me

Anzata Ouattara, Cyriac, Prince, Ceschod, Oumar NDAO and me

To yehni Djidji, a talentuous blogger that I have the pleasure to have as a friend!!

To yehni Djidji, my friend and sister. May love be the motor of your life. It's awesome when it works!

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