Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The story happened a few weeks ago in Nigeria. 

Cynthia Udoka Osokogu, a young graduate from the University of Nasarawa State decides to leave Abuja for Lagos. She wants to buy new things for her shop. Her contacts there? Two students met on Facebook. They have become friends after months of online Chat so they offered to give her a shelter.

Full of confidence, she takes her flight ticket and goes to Lagos. Very soon, her parents have no news from her. They ring the alarm. On the internet everybody is sharing her photos. But Cynthia was already dead. The very day she arrived, her friends drove her to a motel, drugged her, stole her money and strangled her to death.

As she had no more papers, the hostel employees dropped the corpse in a morgue. That's where her body was found after researches. Some people were arrested including her murderers thanks to the video system of the motel. Cynthia is their 6th victim.  

When this story hit the web, people left very bad comments about the girl.  

 "She is very stupid."
"She was certainly a prostitute. This time she met a bad customer. A good girl can never go to an unknown place to leave with strangers."
The truth is, it could have been any of us. 

We are always on the internet, all day long. We say we are experimenting the magic of social network. We have virtual friends we love even more than physical friends. 

I used to refuse systematically all the meetings with virtual friends when we didn't have "physical" friends in common. But on many occasions, I had to meet unknown people in restaurants because they wanted me to work for them. I already went to another town for a conference and all my contacts where virtual friends.

So before throwing the stone, let's realise that our life is so unperfect and so fragile. Few messages mean nothing. Let us all be careful about this internet thing. Talk to your parents and family about your friends, physical or virtual.

Cynthia was the only daughter and the last child of General Major Osokogu.

Monday, August 20, 2012


When I first saw this old man standing near those beasts, I asked myself, "What is he doing there? Does he want to commit sucide? ". 

Then I read the comments. And I realized that it was part of his habits. It was even his job.  Old Dicko was feeding  them. The Caymans were his friends. He was giving  them their daily meat, around 30 kg of meat per day according to reports. 

In this country where everything is expensive, you would think those animals would be eternally grateful to the old man. But no. Animals are and remain animals. The caymans turned against their "father". 
They have bitten the hand which fed them. They have devoured a man who would talk to them and used to speak to them. 

They say the old man has fallen down and the noise has disturbed the animals and caused  their unusual behavior.  How sad! How shoking! What a pity! What a tragic end! And So many questions! 

Did he really need to go into the "pit" to feed the animals? Why not just throw it overboard? What has really happened? Who will now take care of these animals? Are they now a danger for population? Once a President's fancy, yesterday a popular tourist site , today the place of a violent death. What for tomorrow?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Three months ago the President of the National Assembly arrived on social networks. This presence is such a great opportunity to interact with him. Friends or opponants are full of joy.

Through the social networks you can congratulate him or blame him directly, instead of saying all those words behind your TV. You can meet him in person, with no bodyguards, no tinted windows.

If wanting to get closer to the people is a good initiative, my greatest fear was to see the President of the National Assembly omit one important aspect. Actions.

Speaking to people is good, but listening to them is better. And listening is not sufficient if it's not combine with  right actions.

I was pleasantly surprised that Mr. Guillaume Soro funded the Yakro E-School 2012, a platform for training and exchange around the web, organized by E-Voir Agency.
My joy increased when I heard that the meeting between the promoter of the event and him was done only through the magic of the Internet.

It is so incredible to know that through a simple tweet the President of the National Assembly appreciated the concept, decided to associate his image and even give more than 80% of the budget. According to the communication service of the President of the National Assembly, it is not the first time for Mr. Guillaume Soro  to help young people he met via social networks.

But as the saying goes, nobody shows his village with his left hand. Lol.

The details of the aid, granted by the President of the National Assembly, were not disclosed.  I guess it is for M Soro not to lose his divine reward because holy books invite us to keep our acts of charity as secret as possible.

But I think it is also not to turn the presence of Mr. Guillaume Soro on social networks in an NGO.
Lovers or haters, people are  following his activities and it's nice to see that he also follows back with concrete actions. Hope that he will continue to consider the contributions of internet users even in the submission and adoption of laws.

To follow the news of the President of the National Assembly (All in french)

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Miss Cote d'Ivoire, the pursuit of excellence. The slogan can be shocking when you listen to the questionable interventions of contestants. However, there is no reason to be offended. One thing is to seek excellence, another is to find it. This is perhaps what explains the great annual journey across the entire country, of the Organizers. They want to find that rare girl combining physical and intellectual beauty and it's quite difficult. 

Each year, this national competition raises questions about the reasons of its existence and its durability. But if some people want it to be canceled, others require the decoration of the Chairperson of the committee. Why not start by removing the phase of 'general culture'? That would be a breath of oxygen, for the reputation of the organizers, suffocating under the weight of criticism due to the intellect of the young ladies. 

On Saturday, June 4, 2012 again, the answers of pretenders to the throne were almost pitiful. They looked like pupils reciting a lesson not well learned. It was a shame. Then, Miss Gabon spoke, and it was  last nail to the cross of the shame of Ivorian. 

The show has so many things wrong. A faulty sound system, technical failures and a troubled host with bad jokes. Whether we liked it or not, a new beauty queen was elected. To help the frail shoulders of the girl, who must bear alone the burden of representing the Ivorian beauty on the international, great gifts and ... millions. 

A home to be well protected from the weather. A car not to exhaust her legs in the jungle of Abidjan pedestrians. Millions, to congratulate her for her efforts because walking with high heels is not everybody's portion! The contestant number 15 has learned it the hard way. 

Who said that there is no money in this country? The millions are here. Let's girls start parading in swimsuits. You see sponsors opening their big wallet. Are they not free to invest their money in the activity they like? What if the first lady wants to give a contribution? Who are we to complain? 

Nobody! Nobody but Ivorian noticing that governments are coming and going, elected or installed by force, but this competition remains the same. Worse, it gives birth to other versions by district, campus, age group, body parts. 

We are only bitter. As far as our mind can think,  we don't see how we could win over 15 million CFA francs, a villa and a car by only one-night of hard work. 

Maybe, we are idiots, beasts of burden because we cannot understand. We cannot understand people asking us to walk on the golden way of patience, with an empty stomach, when all the gold are constantly  removed for Queens' crown and to strengthen Kings' power.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Published in  L'intelligent d'Abidjan of May 22, 2012 

Prison break in Korhogo, Katiola Dimbokro Agboville, Abidjan ... It seems our prisons are real sieves. Yet they rebuilt the House of Detention and Correction of Abidjan after the post-election crisis. Around  two billions francs CFA spent. Obviously,  it did not include the strengthening of the security, but only the beauty and comfort of the infrastructure. But even in gold, a prison remains a prison, and the new prison, just as porous as the old one , has unleashed a flood of residents. Now, the police is trying to catch them. 

It's quiet amazing, when you know that safety is a priority for the new government which promised big changes. Easier said than done. Unable to prevent, they try to heal and sometimes find themselves playing the doctors after death. The exercise of power is not easy. 

In an attempt to catch the escapees, raids were introduced. The announcement was made on television to make it official and reassure all the people worried by the increased presence of military in the streets.

At 21heures, they invest the streets exactly as they do when there is a curfew. Strangely they don't check the identity of drivers. There target are pedestrians only.

It is known, fugitives moves only at night and by foot. Since "escaped" is not written on someone's forehead or on the identity card, people caught are taken to the police academy for verification. Which one ? Do they have a software which can tell if someone has been in jail, if he has finished to pay his debt to society or not, just by using his digital print, or entering his name ? I doubt it!

So the good citizens are forced to remain confined in their homes, not to risk falling into the tight mesh of a net that does not immediately distinguish between varieties of fish he takes. Finally, we are all prisoners.

With this campaign, the government exposed itself to critics. And they have already started. They are  talking about abuse, violence, injury to the dignity of man and torture during the arrests. They say it is a diversion to legitimize the witch hunt, or rather the "pro-Gbagbo sorcerers." hunt.

Whose fault is it, if such statements are made ? We are not in a usual scenario. There was a violent and bloody conflict, before the new President could start leading the country. Each step should be focused on reconciliation and surrounded by a good communication campaign.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


People often get angry with me because I don't honor their invitations. I want to explain one reason behind my behavior.

When it comes to invitations, I have two principles and I am trying so hard to stick to it : 1-Never accept an invitation that will require spending money when I have no money and 2-never order something that my money cannot buy. I must have at least  in my pocket my transportation fees and the price of the food I eat.

Some guys  invite girls to eat and then  run away without paying. Others  ask you to come with a taxi, promising to pay. But, you cannot find them at the place of the appointement. I've heard so many embarrassing situations on the subject.

 A friend had been invited by a well known DJ. We were still in secondary school. He was not as famous as he is today. She had very little money and she wasted it on phone calls (because he was late) and drinks (she was thirsty while waiting). When he finally came, he did not pay for her drinks and for the calls.  Worse, he said he had an urgent appointment. They took a cab and once he arrived at his destination, he paid the exact amount appearing on the counter at that moment.  (750 or 950 F CFA , I don't remember). She had no money. She went to a friend's house to borrow money. The friend was absent. She had to explain everything to her friend's mother. All this embarrassement could have been avoided. 

Another acquaintance was invited to the beach by a suitor. When they ordered, he received a phone call. He had to make a quick run to Abidjan, but he promised to come back soon. He left 20 000 CFA francs to the girl. She was sitting at the table and ate well. It was getting late. No news of the guy. Phone closed. She decided to ask for the bill: 20 000 FCFA. She had nothing to go home. Can you imagine ? Alone, at night, in Bassam. I'll spare you more details. Thank God, she is still there to tell this story. 

When I finally explain why I didn't accept their invitation, some people are offended. 
"You do not trust me ! I thought we were friends" 
"When I invite a woman I take care of everything. What is this misplaced feminism?"

Gentlemen, it is not a problem of trust or feminism. I just do not want to get to wash dishes in a restaurant. I refuse to have to beg for money on the street. 
"Excuse me, I came to see a friend who told me he was going to pay my transportation to go home, but he is not there and his phone is closed. I need 500 CFA. Please. " God forbid.

It can be done in order to do harm or not (something unexpected can happen), but the result is the same: shame, humiliation. One word is enough for the wise.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The most influential blogger in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji, was robbed of her phone while she was trying on shoes in a store. She realized the device was missing when she was in her car. Apart from the shop workers, there was another client, a woman, who was already gone when she went back to search her phone. The vendors said they had not seen it and she returned home.

Few days later, she was contacted by the same store. The phone has not been found yet but one of their camera filmed from start to finish how the device was stolen by the other client, a woman. Incredible! She clearly saw the young woman retrieving the device from her bag, hiding it under clothes.
Once her victim was gone, she put the phone in her own bag and left the shop after writing a fake name and a wrong phone number in the register of the store.

Now, the shop manager is ready to give this video to the blogger, who receives over 50,000 hits a day on her site.She has the authorization to do whatever she wants with it: post on youtube, twitter, facebook, everywhere. But she wonders if it would be a good thing. It can ruin the life of the thief and after all it's just a phone. What do you think? Should her post the video or not?

Monday, April 23, 2012


A young prostitute by Eliane de Latour
Two days ago I came back home late. Please don't ask me what I was doing outside at this time. lol. It was around 11 pm. I took a cab and the person with me showed me some girls sitting near the station Lubafrique in very short clothes.
 "They are prostitutes." 

I refused to agree with him saying that it was not possible. It seems that I'm naive. I rarely recognize prostitutes. First, because they wear the clothes that the Lambda Ivorian girl wears all over the city. Skimpy dresses, outfits that show more skin than they hide is the new fashion. If you want to use clothes to jugde, more than half of girls are prostitutes. Then I can barely identify them because I have trouble understanding how they can prostitute themselves in a place full of light, with their faces uncovered. 

What if someone recognizes you? What if your parent goes through there? What if tomorrow you want to stop this "trade"? The past does not die. It hides in a corner to reappear when we take our happiness for granted. I looked them carefully at the favor of the red light. Curvaceous, acceptable faces. In more decent clothes, they could have fit in the good mother role. What can push a lady to do that ? Is there no other alternative? 

This is a huge risk they are taking by following men they do not know in sordid places. Their life is in danger.  On the other side, the life of the customer too is in danger. Behind these angelic faces can hide serial killers, who knows? 

I was even more stunned when the person with me said, "and there are even boys disguised among them ." 
-Boys? May God help his children. 


A series of seven workshops including six of screenplays rewriting of short films and one of directing ended in Abidjan this Saturday, April 21. Organized by the Association of Young Filmmakers of Côte d'Ivoire (AJTEC-CI) with support from the Hubert Bals Fund of the Netherlands, these sessions were attended by 21 young Ivorian filmmakers. 

"These workshops were great times of learning. I am sure that what I learned will help me during my whole career," said Isabelle Kouraogo, student in film directing and author of a selected scenario. 

These workshops, which started on February 18, 2012, are part of a global program to produce three short films. A screenplay competition was launched for this purpose in December 2011. The three scenarios chosen by an international jury have been rewritten in two sessions per project, led by experienced writers. These include Ivorian filmmakers Akaffou Bertin, Désiré Téhua and Ernest Kouacou. The production workshop which took place on April 21 was led by the filmmaker and film school director N'Drya Jean. 

"Additional rewriting sessions were needed to refine some projects but we are really happy with this important phase. The three scenarios are now ready to become great movies," said Honoré Essoh, Chairman of the Executive Committee of AJTEC-CI. 

 In collaboration with its partners the association will proceed in the shooting of the three films in May. Created on November 13, 2010 the AJTEC-CI is an association of young directors, cameramen, editors, screenwriters and other filmmakers. Its main objectives are to train its members and help to revitalize the film and television sectors in Côte d’Ivoire. Abidjan, April, 21, 2012 

 For more information, please contact the association AJTEC-CI at email address or phone numbers: +225 08 28 14 14 or +225 08 51 70 08.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Let it be clear. This is not an Alassane Ouattara's matter. It is a problem that you can easily notice in most of our african countries. Côte d'Ivoire is just not an exception. When a president must pay a visit to a particular region, you can see people working hard and fast to make the area beautiful for the cameras. Suddenly, there is money to solve most of the problems.

See the exemple of Man. The President Alassane Ouattara must visit the population of the region. So, they are building roads, cleaning fields, renovating stadium, electrifying some places, painting buildings...Why ? This is not the reality of what people are living. This reality I think the president must see, live and experience to be able to take relevant decision to improve the well-being of population. This sound so fake to me. It's seems it's just a political move and not a real attempt of showing kindness. 

If there is money, the governement should not wait for a visit of the president to consider a solution to the problems of the population. Côte d'ivoire is not limited to Abidjan and Yamoussoukro. 

I'm persuaded that all these works done in the hurry won't remain very long after the passage of the president. But will the television go there again to show it ? This is not so sure. According to all that, I can finally say that there is an efficient solution for the development of the entire country. We should give a schedule to the President for the five years of his exercise. In this schedule, he will have to visit every single area, town, street and village of this country. The governement will give money for the comedy of development and everybody will be happy... for a while.

Monday, April 2, 2012


My birthday is approaching fast. It’s the 10th of this month. Last year at this same period, we were struggling with more important questions like: “are we going to live until next day?”. "Will Ado and Gbagbo let us have peace in our own country ?"

Gun noises were everywhere. Death was at the corner of each road, waiting patiently to great us, sometimes, bursting into homes,  through lost bullets. By God’s grace, here am I today. Here are we all, if we are able to read this. And I guess we are grateful to still be alive. 

During the war I learned so many things. I learned the simple life. That was the greatest gift I received. We don’t really need most of the things we are fighting to possess. I’m not saying one should stay in poverty or make a vow of austerity, if he has sufficient resources to live in opulence. I'm just declaring that we don’t really need it to be happy, purely and truly. In fact we must learn to be happy without it and confortable with it.

All the people who met me after the crisis see me as a natural woman. Natural because, I don’t use artificial hairs and I don’t put make up on my face (except for pictures), nailpolish, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake whatever... Most of the time I don’t wear jewels. And even my clothes are simple. I am at ease in a jeans and a top. I'm not quiet sure I know how to suffer gracefully on high heels. 

Some people are happy with it.  Others are saying I should pay more attention to my appearance and be like other young girls of 23 going on 24.

Both group are wrong. I learned not to feel bad or ugly just because I don’t have all those things on me. I learned that being simple, is being me, as looking sophisticated is too. The most important, the most valuable treasure I should cherish and develop is not my appearance but what lies under the clothes, the flesh, the bones, the blood,…it’s me. The spirit living in me. My brains, my personality, my soul, all those things invisible, untouchable, so deep that I am not able myself to understand the depth of it. 

During the crisis I learned that I should value life. I should waste less and focus more on important thing. I discovered that only two spoons of sugar is sufficient in my coffee instead of the five or six I used to put in he cup. I realized that fish was delicious in a stew, even if there is no meat. I used to be a meat lover. It does not matter anymore.

So to come back to my birthday wishlist, I want first, things which will help me to learn, elevate my soul and my spirit to another level like an Ipad lol.  I'll be glad to receive jewels, watches, shoes, bags, clothes, perfume, and all those girly girly things. I like them, I need them. But it will be my greatest joy, recieving books.

-Books about spirituality. I'm a christian so, don't buy me books on other religions for the moment. I'm still trying to understand my faith, and then, I will have sufficient tools and maturity to understand other people faith, that's my point of view. No offense. Books about relationship, business and advertising.
Please don't you all buy the same books oh ! Talking about books there are some african authors I'm eager to read:  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Alain Mabanckou, Serge Bilé, Chinua Achebe (Arrow of God), Calixthe Beyala...

-Laugh or not but I want to learn how to sew. I like to make my own clothes. If only I can have the opportunity to get the training in a school, few hours, each week-end, I'll be really really happy. A book showing how to sew won't be bad.

-I want to improve my german. Let's be honest. I want to learn it all over again. I really like the language and even if you can find all the information you need on internet, I would like to have a scholarchip to learn at Goethe Institut.

Apart from it, I would appreciate DVD of Adams Apples by the Ghanaian Shirley Frimpong Manso. I only have the chapter one and the chapter two of the series. I also search "The figurine", by Kunle Afolayan and some others I don't even know if it has already been put in

Some people asked me what I want for my bithday. Even if the article is a little answer, I think as I  told them that they should act according to their heart. A gift is a gift. A "happy B day", a call, a prayer, are gifts too, valuable gifts. If you don't forget the date, it's sufficient.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


See, how the spark's little kiss,
make the straw blush, catch a fire.

Listen, how short music notes and
rythm father perfect bliss.

Smell, how the hint of many scents,
exhale a unique fragrance.

Touch, how every single bump and depth,
become a beautiful masterpiece pottery.

Taste, how a pinch of love,
increase the sweetness of a hug.

Let's smell the unique fragrance exhaling of the sweetness of our hug.
Let's listen to the rythm of the sparks kissing the straw.
Let's say our resemblances are beautiful, but it's by our differences that we are masterpieces.
We are all unique, that's why we are similar...

 Yehni Djidji...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I used to answer : “No” or “just a little bit” each time someone would ask me If I speak English very well. Although my classmates and teachers agreed that my level was beyond the average, I was always ashamed to say a big “yes”. My big obstacle was that an important part of my english education was done through Nigerian and Ghanaian movies. Few actors were speaking as well as my mother wanted me to speak, but she thought it was a good way to begin. She corrected my “ladda” to “ladder” and my “broda” to “brother”…Unfortunately, I’m still convinced that I have the naija accent in my mouth. When I try to speak with the british accent I feel so fake. Lol! 

So when I was in my third year of Junior secondary school we were introduced to African movies. I loved them, and I’m still loving them. At first I did not notice that those films had a hand in my way of speaking English. I always answered to those admiring my ability: "my mother is an English teacher". As if there was any relation between the two facts. As if a child had automatically his parents' skills. I stopped giving this kind of answer the day I met a young lady whose mother was an English teacher too, but who couldn’t speak English to save her life. I realized that it was my own will and passion for this language that makes me spend an entire week-end watching the same movie three or six times with different people. 

The fact is when I like something, I want people around me to like it too. When I find an interesting movie, I want the others to see it. I want to see them laugh and cry or shout like I did when I was watching it alone. It was my greatest joy to come with a new movie and see the whole family gathered around TV and let me translate it in French…even if most members of the family understood English. I used to say it was for the housemaid to understand, or for the cousin spending a few days at home, or for…

My mother was happy because she used to be the one translating years ago, when I was complaining that I was not able to understand, to recognize any word, any familiar sound. Now I’m even translating some pidgin parts she doesn’t understand. 

More than 10 years later, I’m translating the preaching at church. I know now that everything is happening in somebody's life for a purpose! I guess God was preparing me to serve him that way. Each Sunday is a new challenge. General English and biblical one are not the same. In a usual conversation you do not speak about good seeds and tithes and crucifixion…But once again, I have watched so much movies about churches, I always find the right word or it’s synonym . One day I used “chief of soldier” because I did not know at this moment the word “centurion”. I said “rising from death” because I was not too sure that “ resurrection” was English or French only. Another time it was “weeds” I called “bad grass”. People are congratulating me. They say what I’m doing is not easy.

There is a difference between speaking a language, understanding it, and being able to translate second after second what somebody is saying. It’s god grace. It’s god showing that he is powerful. 

I make mistakes! Sometimes it’s like words are slipping out of my mind. A little distraction and I’m a bit confused. But I’m grateful for this opportunity, this experience. Nothing happens in somebody’s life haphazardly. From translating movies in my home to doing it in front of church’s members. Who could have imagine that ? To God be the glory!


Friday, February 10, 2012


I am not very used to insults ! "You are wicked! You are ugly, you are a fool" is the worse I can say and sometimes I'm even joking when I say it. 
I mean because somebody hurts your body or your feelings, starting to insult this person from is grand father to his not yet born children, from is hair, to his toes, is so unbelievable for me. Maybe that's the way I was educated! Or maybe that's just the way I was made! Because many people out there have received a good education from their parents but still have a "dirty" mouth.
I used to think that people misbehaving were orphans, without any one to guide them or anyone who could be affected by their acts. Because how on earth can your parent be alive and you are talking like this ? 
The most  amazing is that some people, who are not vulgar in the real life, start it on the web. I mean what kind of image do you want people to have of you? What message do you want to share ?That's the same for pictures people are posting.
Behind a laptop, they are almighty ! They can do everything, say everything, write everything.  Whether in real life or in the virtual word, I do think there is a limit, a limit one should not cross. They are rules, moral barriers you must not trespass. I even wanted to write some of those words here, to show you, but I can't even do it ! 
Maybe I'll try to capture some of it when I will do the french version ! If I do one. Cause even translated it is difficult for me! 
Maybe I'm suffering of a kind of sickness that white men have already or will identify as "too much modesty" or "lack of vulgarity". But I think I'd rather be like this than spitting rude words at each sentence.

I always say it to my friends ! I cannot have a deep friendship with vulgar people ! Their words are hurting my ears and making me wonder about their childhood !

I try to say as much as I can to people like this that they must change, watch out their language, at least when they are with me. Unfortunately, as some of them find it difficult to bear a conversation without those words, they can see our relationship fading and disappearing! So sad!

So sad because sometimes they are good persons ! One should not judge others only because they speak like this, or dress like that, but I believe that when you are close to somebody and always with this person, whether he influence you or you influence him. It's a fact.There will surely be a contact, an exchange of behavior, of expressions, most of the time unconsciously. So when I see clearly that I cannot bring you what I think positive, I prefer to keep the distance.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I don't like soccer. But the team of Drogba, this team of « All Stars », made the miracle in 2006. I spent  90 minutes of my life watching 22 grown men running after only one ball, without this feeling that I was wasting my time.

After 5 deceptions through the past 6 years ( 3 African Cup of Nations and  2 World Cup), I went back to my old habit. I even decided, not to watch any match of the Elephants. In fact, any match of this cup at all. I have many projects in my head and I don't want to die of a heart attack because of a soccer game. Cause of the death : SOCCER ! What a shame !

However, I realized that my vow was quiet impossible to respect. Though I didn't sit before TV to watch it, the comments on social network and the shout of people in their home, made me able to  identify the score, the good players, the bad ones.

In addition, I noticed that many "soccer hater", were not missing games. Why ? It 's just because this competition has became a pretext to forget their daily problems. People are making plan to watch the games with family, friends, in restaurant, at home. The most important is now brotherhood, friendship and no more the national Team, even if each victory is another source of Joy.

As usual, some evil minded people are trying to find a political reason behing this simple game.
 "A victory of our national team will mean that those guys were against Gbagbo"
"We are going to win because Alassane Ouattara paid it! You think that the government played a soccer game for nothing"
"If we win, it will be a good thing. Maybe the President will die next year. Remember in 1992. "

Shame on those people. They have not yet understood that as the past failures of the national team were the failures of all the ivorian, it will be the same for a Victory.

I don't know if I'll watch the next game. But I'll be happy if soccer can show the way to reconciliation, the true reconciliation.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is not easy to guess it when you see some of our politicians, but there are wise men in Africa.
I think Birago Diop is one of them. “The dead are not dead” he said in his poem “Spirit”.
He was so true ! If they used to remain in the trembling of the trees, in the groaning of the woods, in the water that runs, our “modern dead” are now in voting booth.
Once again, it happened in Côte d’Ivoire during the legislative elections. This lead to the cancellation of the results in 11 localities.
I think that dead people are not to be blame in this matter. They mean no harm. They are just bothered by the well-being of the living. How can they lie down quietly in their graves when sometimes, the winner of an election is not the one with the best program but the richest ? No fair-play at all ! Blackmail, threat, assault...

Dead people have to intervene to show the way to the living. They don’t need money, or clothes, or food ! They cannot be bribed or threatened! So there is no need to organize another election for the 11 localities as planned ! Because dead people will surely come and vote again. Whether you find an exorcist, or you choose a representative of the dead to sit in the national assembly, so that their voice can be heard ! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I heard shacks were burnt when fire broke out at the Prime Minister office.  At the moment, I thought the journalist was talking about some Slum. Because here in Abidjan we used to have our own "Washington", a reknown slum of the capital. But as amazing that it could seem, he was really talking about our own Prime Minister Office. 

This is not the first time this kind of fire is breaking out. Fire here, fire there! Always happening in strategic places. Abidjan is becoming very hot these days. Whether it some markets strangely burning when a big businessman is trying to buy the place, or it is government offices. Finance, Budget, Accounting! Massive loss of evidence or not...according to the great art of pyromania! Of course this is the version of all those people gossiping all over town with their bad mouth. 

We, "good mouth", can only sincerely regret the huge and irreversible damages caused by these fires. 

Investigations as usual are ongoing and those champions of endurance will certainely continue to go their way forever. 

Fire, at the prime minister building, two offices containing records of the Department of State, Ministry of Interior, were totally destroyed. I am even too kind to talk about office. Because as far as this matter is concern we must use the right term of wooden shelter to qualify these offices. Indeed, this is quite good material for Gossips.

In a great country like Côte d'Ivoire, we are keeping our archives in wooden shark? No more cement in town ? We all know that wood is ideal for important documents. Good conservator when you need them, good fuel when you want to get rid of them. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Gathering for a day photographers and makeup artists of talent to allow everyone to have professional photos, was the challenge of Franck Baye the 14th of this month. It was during the Event : Shoot the Models, held at AMN Co Working space located in Riviera 2.
I went there to support the father of the website model 225, around 11am. I'll spare you my fight with the makeup artist who wanted at all costs to remove my eyebrows. Lol! The atmosphere was good.
Being a model is not easy. I found so difficult to stay focused. I even needed the help of personal coach (Thanks to Myri Koné) to have  the pictures you see here and on my Facebook page. I have heard that they will be another edition. I think I'll be there again !

Makeup artist: Sylvie Akouba
Photographers: Carlalie Okou and Ulrich Dah

See more photos on my facebook page

Monday, January 9, 2012


Since the announcement of fuel subsidy removal and the increase in the price, Nigeria is knowing disorders. A general strike for an indefine period has been decided. It started yesterday and we can count many deads already. Unfortunately, Police opened fire on unarmed protesters in some areas who in anger, destroyed some infrastructures. All these is happening in a climate of fear due to the threats of BOKO HARAM, which is multiplying the bombing and atrocities against Christians.

Some sites have fallen into the hands of hackers. On Twitter, many hashtags have been created to monitor the strike. These include #savenigeria #occupynigeria #fuelsubsidy. Nigerian celebrities have joined the movement and provide support to the cause via twitter.
You can read some of their tweets below !

 The tension continues to rise and the use of force by the Police does not help. It has an air of déjà vu, this "small" revolt that took away "big" presidents in 2011.

 Let's pray for Nigeria.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Since the "spectacular" fireworks which was offered to Ivorians for the end of this year, it is another matter, a less glorious one, which is making the entire blogosphere shake. The #carlaliegate. 

The facts 

Carlalie Okou, a young Ivorian photographer, was surprised to see her photos of the event, she had posted on her facebook profile, copied by many newspapers (Le Jour, L'intelligent d'Abidjan, Le Nouveau Réveil,, ...). People could say that Carlalie has no reason to complain because this is an incredible opportunity for her to have more visibility.
But the root of all evil here, is that none of these media had the courtesy to ask permission to Carlalie before using her work. Worse, some of them added insult to injury by erasing her watermark on the pictures, showing that their evil purpose. 

Unfortunately for them, Carlalie  didn't remain silent. Today, the number of member of the ivoriancommunity supporting her is increasing faster and  the campaign for the restitution of her rights to her pictures is on. 

 The compensation proposed has simply removed the pictures from its site. L'intelligent d'Abidjan has proposed the following compensation: resumption of the picture with her name in the newspaper but not on the front page, a collaboration to pay her photos and sending for one month the PDF version of the newspaper to Carlalie.  
Carlalie, who made calls to legal counsel can not speak on the subject, but the last time I got her, the other media had not responded to her attempts of establishing communication. 

 My questions 

This situation can happen to any of us, web users and content creators. It is raising several questions: 

1-Is Internet really a "no man's land" here in Côte d'ivoire? Everyone doing what he want ? 

 2-Does an article, a photo, or any other private content published on the Internet, automatically falling into the public domain? So anybody can found one morning, one of the pictures of his Facebook page in newspaper without his consent ? Just because it was published on internet? 

 3-If putting a huge watermark can be a solution for photographers, what can I do as a blogger to prevent such behaviors of the media?  Insert my name every two words? Yehni Djidjii Yehni Djidji? 

I think that the Battle of Carlalie Okou is the beginning of a change. Beyond Carlalie, and any monetary compensation coming or not, there is a real awareness because of the #carlaliegate. 

Journalists, who are becoming too much lazy would do a little more effort to restore the prestige of their corporation. In addition, where an apology and a fair agreement would have been enough, they are letting the matter being worse. How unprofessional! 

On the other side, we, creatives and web users, shoud start learning our right and duties. We must organize ourselves in order to protect our work from dishonest people. We need to be trained. There are organizations related to the Web that exist here Côte d'Ivoire. I am sure they can do a difference in this fight.
Rather than meeting only to talk about contests, technological innovations, or even to eat, they should planned a training in law. It's an emergency. 

The resolutions 

1) Now we must clearly indicate the sources of all photos and content that is not ours, that we take on our blogs, websites and other publications. And I'm starting today. Even if we do not always know the author, the site where we took the picture or the text is still known: DO MENTION! Whe shoud not do to others what we won't like people to do to us.

2) Each of us must undertake research to learn more about our rights and duties as Web users and content creators until an organisation join the battle to help.

3) We need to follow the press closely. Those who are stealing the intellectual work of others should not do so with impunity. 

4) We must be more united, when such cases happen. It is purely a shame to hear people predicting the failure  of this battle, simply because they were once victims of such injustice and that their protests has led nothing. There is always someone from whom the struggle begins. If it is not you, you should not be bitter. You should rather join the movement. We must support each other, unless of course we think that the initiator of the mobilization is wrong! But to give up too early when you know that the person is right is not acceptable! It is time that we see a little further than the end of our flat nose. 

Carlalie keep it up ! All creatives should be full of courage! We will win or we will lose this battle, but in my opinion, the war has just begun. We will no more remain silent over the theft of our creations! 

Another article on carlaliegate:

 photo: carlalie Okou

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The end of this year was so strange for me. I had no interest in the party.
December 31, 2011 was like the 29th or the day before or the day before. No euphoria, no enthusiasm. I almost did not go to church. I wanted to stay home, just sleep in my room.

The fact is that the past year let a bitter taste in my mouth! I had joy, how can I deny it ? I won awards, I met great people ... But the blows that year inflicted me, when I wasn't expecting it, are like deep scars. I will probably bear them for the rest of my life.

It has eaten souls, the great devourer: more or less innocent,more or less famous, more or less close. I had never seen death face to face. That year, I felt it, I touched it, I looked into its eyes and saw its hideous facial taunt me while I was totally helpless.

No more lamentations! Everyone has probably lived his personal tragedies! 2011 is over! Joys and sorrows, so goes the round of days. I wish us all a new year made ​​of joy, health, success, happiness, love ... LIFE!

2012 is the beginning of a new adventure...

May God bless us!