Monday, April 2, 2012


My birthday is approaching fast. It’s the 10th of this month. Last year at this same period, we were struggling with more important questions like: “are we going to live until next day?”. "Will Ado and Gbagbo let us have peace in our own country ?"

Gun noises were everywhere. Death was at the corner of each road, waiting patiently to great us, sometimes, bursting into homes,  through lost bullets. By God’s grace, here am I today. Here are we all, if we are able to read this. And I guess we are grateful to still be alive. 

During the war I learned so many things. I learned the simple life. That was the greatest gift I received. We don’t really need most of the things we are fighting to possess. I’m not saying one should stay in poverty or make a vow of austerity, if he has sufficient resources to live in opulence. I'm just declaring that we don’t really need it to be happy, purely and truly. In fact we must learn to be happy without it and confortable with it.

All the people who met me after the crisis see me as a natural woman. Natural because, I don’t use artificial hairs and I don’t put make up on my face (except for pictures), nailpolish, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake whatever... Most of the time I don’t wear jewels. And even my clothes are simple. I am at ease in a jeans and a top. I'm not quiet sure I know how to suffer gracefully on high heels. 

Some people are happy with it.  Others are saying I should pay more attention to my appearance and be like other young girls of 23 going on 24.

Both group are wrong. I learned not to feel bad or ugly just because I don’t have all those things on me. I learned that being simple, is being me, as looking sophisticated is too. The most important, the most valuable treasure I should cherish and develop is not my appearance but what lies under the clothes, the flesh, the bones, the blood,…it’s me. The spirit living in me. My brains, my personality, my soul, all those things invisible, untouchable, so deep that I am not able myself to understand the depth of it. 

During the crisis I learned that I should value life. I should waste less and focus more on important thing. I discovered that only two spoons of sugar is sufficient in my coffee instead of the five or six I used to put in he cup. I realized that fish was delicious in a stew, even if there is no meat. I used to be a meat lover. It does not matter anymore.

So to come back to my birthday wishlist, I want first, things which will help me to learn, elevate my soul and my spirit to another level like an Ipad lol.  I'll be glad to receive jewels, watches, shoes, bags, clothes, perfume, and all those girly girly things. I like them, I need them. But it will be my greatest joy, recieving books.

-Books about spirituality. I'm a christian so, don't buy me books on other religions for the moment. I'm still trying to understand my faith, and then, I will have sufficient tools and maturity to understand other people faith, that's my point of view. No offense. Books about relationship, business and advertising.
Please don't you all buy the same books oh ! Talking about books there are some african authors I'm eager to read:  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Alain Mabanckou, Serge Bilé, Chinua Achebe (Arrow of God), Calixthe Beyala...

-Laugh or not but I want to learn how to sew. I like to make my own clothes. If only I can have the opportunity to get the training in a school, few hours, each week-end, I'll be really really happy. A book showing how to sew won't be bad.

-I want to improve my german. Let's be honest. I want to learn it all over again. I really like the language and even if you can find all the information you need on internet, I would like to have a scholarchip to learn at Goethe Institut.

Apart from it, I would appreciate DVD of Adams Apples by the Ghanaian Shirley Frimpong Manso. I only have the chapter one and the chapter two of the series. I also search "The figurine", by Kunle Afolayan and some others I don't even know if it has already been put in

Some people asked me what I want for my bithday. Even if the article is a little answer, I think as I  told them that they should act according to their heart. A gift is a gift. A "happy B day", a call, a prayer, are gifts too, valuable gifts. If you don't forget the date, it's sufficient.

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