Friday, January 4, 2013


We really tought we have seen the bad and the worst after a calamitous Kora awards ceremony and a stampede during a firework offered by the District of Abidjan. Today two web activists , Mohamed Diaby and Cyriac Gbogou who initiated actions to help the victims and their parents have been arrested and that is what I call the "Worstest". 

What is "worsest" than accusing a human being of showing humanity, sympathy to his fellow human being. Even if the volonteers made some wrong moves in their will to help, the way they were arrested was totally wrong. Pretend to have a lost child to kidnap Cyriac was so so wrong. 

Seeing the efficiency of the volonteers' actions, the best choice was to ask for a meeting. We are not working as anonymous. Either you ask for a cooperation or you tell us to stop immediately all the actions. Because we are not the State of Côte d'Ivoire as we think we are and the real State has agencies well trained to do that. We would have understood. But they used the wrong way. They added another stain to the reputation of Côte d'Ivoire. This reputation they are trying so hard to keep immaculate throwing millions in the process. 

What shall we understand now? We are all candidates to jail cause because we are writing too much? Mohamed and Cyriac were freed but I'm still worried. What if Mohamed didn't have is Smartphone to tweet that he was arrested? What if there was no buzz about it? What if international media didn't share the information? What if no member of the government spoke on their behalf? 

We are not working for any member of the governement. We are working with anyone who want to cooperate with us in a safe way. Why is it so difficult to understand? Come on internet and see our motivations with your own eyes. Yes they were released but what if...what if...

We don't owe anything to our contry. Citizens are changing nationalities every day. People we elected owe us everything. If we want to help it is not because we have nothing else to do. It's not because we want to belittle them. We want to show that you don't need to be a Mayor, a Member of parliament, a Minister or even a President before helping your country.  All you need is a good heart. We think it is our duty to contribute to the happinness of this generation and the next one. We are everywhere, they are in only one place. We are many, they are few. 

 If loving your brother, you sister is forbidden, if there are conditions to console them, if there are limits to the help we should give then say it...we will understand.

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