Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I don't like soccer. But the team of Drogba, this team of « All Stars », made the miracle in 2006. I spent  90 minutes of my life watching 22 grown men running after only one ball, without this feeling that I was wasting my time.

After 5 deceptions through the past 6 years ( 3 African Cup of Nations and  2 World Cup), I went back to my old habit. I even decided, not to watch any match of the Elephants. In fact, any match of this cup at all. I have many projects in my head and I don't want to die of a heart attack because of a soccer game. Cause of the death : SOCCER ! What a shame !

However, I realized that my vow was quiet impossible to respect. Though I didn't sit before TV to watch it, the comments on social network and the shout of people in their home, made me able to  identify the score, the good players, the bad ones.

In addition, I noticed that many "soccer hater", were not missing games. Why ? It 's just because this competition has became a pretext to forget their daily problems. People are making plan to watch the games with family, friends, in restaurant, at home. The most important is now brotherhood, friendship and no more the national Team, even if each victory is another source of Joy.

As usual, some evil minded people are trying to find a political reason behing this simple game.
 "A victory of our national team will mean that those guys were against Gbagbo"
"We are going to win because Alassane Ouattara paid it! You think that the government played a soccer game for nothing"
"If we win, it will be a good thing. Maybe the President will die next year. Remember in 1992. "

Shame on those people. They have not yet understood that as the past failures of the national team were the failures of all the ivorian, it will be the same for a Victory.

I don't know if I'll watch the next game. But I'll be happy if soccer can show the way to reconciliation, the true reconciliation.

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