Friday, February 10, 2012


I am not very used to insults ! "You are wicked! You are ugly, you are a fool" is the worse I can say and sometimes I'm even joking when I say it. 
I mean because somebody hurts your body or your feelings, starting to insult this person from is grand father to his not yet born children, from is hair, to his toes, is so unbelievable for me. Maybe that's the way I was educated! Or maybe that's just the way I was made! Because many people out there have received a good education from their parents but still have a "dirty" mouth.
I used to think that people misbehaving were orphans, without any one to guide them or anyone who could be affected by their acts. Because how on earth can your parent be alive and you are talking like this ? 
The most  amazing is that some people, who are not vulgar in the real life, start it on the web. I mean what kind of image do you want people to have of you? What message do you want to share ?That's the same for pictures people are posting.
Behind a laptop, they are almighty ! They can do everything, say everything, write everything.  Whether in real life or in the virtual word, I do think there is a limit, a limit one should not cross. They are rules, moral barriers you must not trespass. I even wanted to write some of those words here, to show you, but I can't even do it ! 
Maybe I'll try to capture some of it when I will do the french version ! If I do one. Cause even translated it is difficult for me! 
Maybe I'm suffering of a kind of sickness that white men have already or will identify as "too much modesty" or "lack of vulgarity". But I think I'd rather be like this than spitting rude words at each sentence.

I always say it to my friends ! I cannot have a deep friendship with vulgar people ! Their words are hurting my ears and making me wonder about their childhood !

I try to say as much as I can to people like this that they must change, watch out their language, at least when they are with me. Unfortunately, as some of them find it difficult to bear a conversation without those words, they can see our relationship fading and disappearing! So sad!

So sad because sometimes they are good persons ! One should not judge others only because they speak like this, or dress like that, but I believe that when you are close to somebody and always with this person, whether he influence you or you influence him. It's a fact.There will surely be a contact, an exchange of behavior, of expressions, most of the time unconsciously. So when I see clearly that I cannot bring you what I think positive, I prefer to keep the distance.

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