Sunday, October 9, 2011


I went to the second day of ENTRELLES first edition yesterday and the results are positive despite some inconvenience encountered. 
Because I was absent the first day, I made a point of honor to arrive early not to miss anything of the program.
Unfortunately the event did not start on time. But as a difficulty can hide an opportunity, I finally helped the organization and a workshop manager to make appetizers. I was even the first one to taste it! lol!

Slowly, the stands began to appear here and there: clothing, fashion accessories, lampshades, cocktail, orange money, the Association HPWAC (Helping people with or affected by cancer) in french APAAC, etc. the starting signal was given when my friend and I were tired of waiting and decided to leave.

We began our discovery with the lovely Nina Loukou aka Miss Cocktail. Then we headed to the place of the Association HPWAC where a Doctor received us free of charge. She answered our questions about cancer of the cervix and breast.

We went to Nomad Food's place where we were amazed by their catalog of cakes. The workshops had already started so we quickly visited the stand Yalerri. We identified these clothes away and I can assure you that they are even more beautiful closely. I enjoyed the originality of the mixture-knitting/ankara.

Final step, the workshops to learn how to make good food and cocktails, quick and easy to make for the happiness of the family and friends. Learning, questions, tasting, discussions really helped to enrich my culinary culture.

GOOD POINTS: The organizers of ENTRELLES paid attention to details. It was a great idea to share a booklet of recipes, an address book to help make new contacts and finally what I call "The gold mine". It's "100 ways to create value", a small collection of very interesting business ideas that I will keep jealously.

BAD POINTS: The delay before starting. I tought the address book would already contain the contacts of  the organizer, the speakers and the exhibitors maybe. But  it was empty.

It was indeed a beautiful morning! Congratulations to Christelle Hien-Kouame and her team! See you next year

Me doing my thing! lool!

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  1. I was there the first day just for an hour or so. I enjoyed it. There was no delay. They were on time. I was impressed by the value and number of speakers; all those business women of different ages and backgrounds who have made themselves available and shared their experience. As you have mentioned, I was very disappointed by the address book. I did not keep up with my promise to come and visit the workshops and stands on Saturday: too busy and too interested in Barcamp. Such a pity to have 2 good events at the same time. The hostesses asked for our names and addresses or our business card. Maybe the address books will be published later on with The 2 days is supposed to be the beginning of something bigger: a kind of permanent place and forum for active women of Cote d’Ivoire to foster their businesses and share their needs and wants.