Saturday, October 15, 2011


Money is a bad adviser. Anyone listening must be ready to pay the price. When we give ourselves the right to change the destiny of a person by greed, we must be prepared to face the consequences. 

 Dear Sylvain,

You're surprised because I know your real name. You are Sylvain Kore instead of Alain Aboussouan like you wanted me to believe. For you, I may be a one-night conquest, an unknown at the right place at the right time to satisfy your repressed desires. But I've known you for a year now. And for six months already I was particularly interested in you.

Our meeting in this club was not a coincidence. I carefully prepared, calculated and generated it. I noticed long ago that it was your favorite place to woo girls. I studied all your habits. I have willingly seduced you and I think it is time to explain my reasons to you, after our night of love.

Remember last year, a girl came to be vaccinated in the health center where you work. It was late I admit it. I had a trip and I urgently needed to do three vaccines. I had to leave early the next morning. First you took me more money,and then I found your instruments rather doubtful.

"It's safe! " you said. I must believe that you were wrong. A few months later, I received a scholarship to study in Europe. My host requires a HIV Test. For me it was just a formality! I then discovered that my test was positive. It was absolutely impossible! I did it again in three different hospital. Each time the result was the same.

I cried an entirely week. All my dreamswere fading away. My future was broken. The most macabre ideas crossed my mind. But my obsession was how? Yes, how I ,a virgin, with no particular risky behavior could have caught this nasty virus? I searched in my mind and I found. I remembered that scene and I decided to take my revenge.

I did my investigation. And I discovered that you were not even a nurse! You were just a cleaner, a simple cleaner that had taken advantage of the lack of nurses to earn a few pennies! I was shocked. Do you understand now why I refused a condom that night. Do you understand why I have been so insatiable? You were too glad, you did not insist. Well, I'm HIV positive and I hope that I have transmitted the virus to you. This is the price of your stupidity and your greed. This is the price of your irresponsibility.

 A young woman sentenced to death by your fault.

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