Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We‘ve all more or less, already asked ourselves the question: Why the others and not me?
You know Paul! This guy was your schoolmate. Always absent, even when he was in class, his mind flying mostly above the trees in the playground during the lessons.  This classmate graduated in Cheating, you've seen him in a new car, just yesterday. And Paul gave you his business card proudly, while you, who had the palm of punctuality and attendance right back in school, are still looking for a job. You only have your muscular legs for means of locomotion.

Remember also Pelagie. The girl who thought only to party! She was a real dunce and relied on her beauty to gain qualifications, beauty that by the way, you do not find so extraordinary.This girl of evil life, you met her last week. She’s just got married to a rich Russian Business man with an unpronounceable name, when you experience the horrors of celibacy. You turn like a whirligig each long and cold night in your oversize bed, in your frozen sheets, pressing to stifle the poor teddy bear that had the misfortune to be your birthday gift several years ago.

And you have certainly not forgotten Christian, your corrupted colleague, never at his post. Ah, the joys of being a civil servant. This Christian, requiring bribes to do the job for which he is paid for, when he is haphazardly in his office, has just been promoted. While you, honest, full of integrity, hardworking, straighter than justice, you are stagnating like stagnant water, to the position that you’re occupying for more than ten years now.

So is God unfair? Why does it happen only to others? Why you? Why does it happen only to you? Why not you?

To bemoan your fate, the interrogative phrases abound. Have you ever wondered why this happened to you when you wake up each morning while many people passed from life to death under cover of the night? What have you done to deserve this fate! Being in good health when some people are dying of incurable disease! What a sad fate for you! Why did you even have a voice to complain and feel sorry for your fate, eyes to see the success of others when so many people are dumb, blind, deaf?

Yes why?

When good things happens to us, we find God so fair, so kind, so great ! Next time, before you complain, think of the earthquake victims in Haiti, consider the people of Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan, think about the victims of wars, terrorist attaks ...or violence in your own country!

But above all think, think that for many people around you, Paul, Pelagie and Christian: It is you !!!!!!

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