Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The first husband of a woman is work! How many of us have not heard this beautiful sentence which aims to encourage girls to use their brains and not something else to be successful in life?

Men do not want the "be-nice-and-shut up"  type (it is yet to be confirmed!).
This is what our dear parents stubbornly support! Men love women who have brains: independent women who do not have to wait for them to buy a simple seasoning cube.
Work work and just after the reward!

Ladies, the reward in fact, the famous gift that they are dangling before our nose is a satisfied husband, happy to have a woman with whom he won't have to talk only about clothes and soap operas.

But the fact is that everything is not so rosy! The fact of concentrating on your studies is not sufficient to have the best husband on the earth! Worse, the girl who made her work her first husband often finds herself with "work" as her only husband!

Why? Men are afraid of not being able to be the supreme chiefs in their homes if their wives are too smart! Or simply they do not even try to seduce the intellectuals, poor worms refusing to fall in love with a star (for those who do not see the joke, read Victor Hugo's Ruy Blas!).

So dear smart ladies? Should we throw our books and our careers over our shoulders because they can not give us access to one of the highest steps of the ladder of women self-esteem?

No! Of course not! Understand that men will never be satisfied (like women at a lower level! Except that in our case it is called caprices lol)! Be light ski, he will want you to be dark. Be beautiful he will cheat on you  with some ugly girl, be intellectual, you will be surprised to learn that his second wife was freshly shipped from the village free of charges and cannot even write her name !

So where is that all grammar leading us to?
Let us just enjoy our lives! Simply!

Let us study because it is a way to achieve yourself, not to have a good husband! Let us be beautiful because our reflect in our mirror helps us so much to be confident!  Let's try to reach the top because we have the skills to do it! (And as said L'Oreal, we worth it).
And let us pray, pray especially with all our forces that when the time will come for God to give us  a husband, he will be the exception that proves the rule! For the husband honest, faithful, caring, gentle does exist! But is this really the man with whom we want to spend all our lives?
This will be the subject of another debate!

Stay Blessed!

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